Inverse Events
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  • Richa & Douglas Sangeet, Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception, August 2018

    Richa & Douglas - Sangeet, Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception by Inverse Events
    Photo: Raja Shah, Clearvision Photography

    When we first decided to plan our wedding, we naively believed we could do it all ourselves. Within a couple of weeks we had a number of very frustrating conversations with caterers, marquee providers etc. It didn't take us long to realize we were WAY over our heads in planning this wedding. We heard about inverse events from a friend, and within one consultation where the overriding mantra from the team was "breathe, relax, we got this", we knew we were in great hands. Inverse did an absolutely amazing job of taking our scattered thoughts and piecing them all together to put on two fantastic events. On top of this, as we had an Indian wedding and almost half the guests were not Indian, the team went out of their way to ensure that every tradition and every facet of what makes an Indian wedding unique was fully explained and made accessible to everyone. We also had the 'luck' of having torrential showers on both days. As we were planning on having a decent amount of the wedding outside, inverse put into action their well thought-out contingency plan and pulled this off seamlessly. We still have people telling us how great the entire experience was and how unbelievable things went despite the inclement weather. We cannot recommend inverse events and the team enough!

  • Sonal & Keval Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception, October 2017

    Sonal & Keval - Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception by Inverse Events
    Photo: Raja Shah, Clearvision Photography

    Inverse Events were instrumental to the success of our big day; without their help our day would not have been as well thought out, organised and smoothly run. The process started with them working with us to envisage what we would like the day to be like and they provided different suggestions to help us develop our ideas. Once we finalised our concept, they used their network of suppliers to help us find the ones which suited our needs the best. Suppliers all spoke highly of the inverse team. They ensured all the logistical planning for the day was completed within the required timeline, appropriately chasing us when needed! Their persistence ensured that we did not fall behind. As we approached the wedding day, the team were always available to help us manage any issues that arose. They also arranged a meeting with both families to help everyone visualise the day, which was key in order to calm nerves and make sure everyone understood how the day was going to proceed. On the day, inverse events coordinated everything to perfection and we are truly grateful for all the help and support from the team.

  • Nikki & Neil Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception, October 2016

    Nikki & Neil - Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception by Inverse Events
    Photo: Shital Gohil

    In the run up to our wedding, inverse events offered us much needed advice and guidance. They figured out what was important to us but with a totally flexible approach based around what we wanted from the day, which enabled us to benefit from their ample experience whilst keeping the personal touch to our wedding. On the day, they managed the logistics of our full day of events with 400 guests seamlessly. They coordinated with all the suppliers, family members and organisers and made it look effortless! There were very few issues on the day given how well prepared they were and they dealt with these issues pragmatically, seeking input from the relevant family members only when necessary, but otherwise finding appropriate solutions on their own. Their organised approach relieved the burden from our close family, and meant that we could take a step back from organisation, and focus on having a fantastic day. Throughout the whole experience the team were an absolute pleasure to work with and we cannot recommend inverse events highly enough! Thanks again to both of you - the day would not have been the same without you!

  • Kajal & Kire Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception, August 2016

    Kajal & Kire Indian Wedding & Wedding Reception by Inverse Events
    Photo: Alpesh Rabadia Photography

    Inverse events were there for our wedding events from concept to fruition and utilised their experience to advise what would and wouldn't work for all our events. Their network was really beneficial to us as we need contacts for some suppliers at short notice. Seeta was available around the clock and helped us put together the plan for the day including the various types of cultural ceremonies we wanted. She really made a difference in stressful times with a unique perspective and providing practical solutions - we couldn't have done it without her!

  • Niranjali & Zain Wedding Reception, July 2016

    Niranjali & Zain Wedding Reception by Inverse Events
    Photo: Allister Freeman

    We contacted inverse events after a recommendation from one of my colleagues who raved about the amazing service they provided for her wedding reception. After an initial discussion about our requirements, it became clear that inverse events were just what we needed! We met with the team for dinner and remained in constant contact up until the event; they responded within minutes to any question we had and were truly "all over it". Their experience from working on other events and with other suppliers meant they were able to provide invaluable insights in all areas; from the room layout to alcohol supply - all this was over and above what we were expecting them to provide. With the numerous suppliers involved, each with their own priorities, it was reassuring to have a team of people whose sole focus was to listen to us (with no hidden agenda) and ensure that our vision was executed. Having inverse events meant a huge weight taken off our shoulders and meant we were confident and comfortable at all times, knowing that everything is under control. To any brides/grooms-to-be who are on the fence, we cannot recommend inverse events highly enough - you might consider an events planner as nice-to-have rather than a necessity (as we once did), but it ended up being the best money we spent.

  • Sarah & Dipesh Church Wedding, Indian Wedding & Reception, June 2014

    Photo: Martin Price Photography

    Thank you both for all your help to Sarah and Dipesh with planning their wedding. Your professionalism and attention to detail was amazing. Your talent and dedication was first class and very discreet. I must admit I had a moment of panic when I arrived at Poundon House on the day before the wedding, I could not visualize how the busy wedding day was going to come together. However, having spoken with you on the telephone I was reassured. It was an enchanting day, enjoyed by everybody. You both worked very hard throughout the long day. It was like as if magical fairies came and transformed each area for different events on the day. I would highly recommend inverse events to any couple planning a wedding. Again many thanks for helping to make a very special wedding spectacular. From a very happy Mum! ~ Deirdre Moran

  • Manjeet & Varun Wedding Reception, May 2014

    Photo: Premiershoot Photography

    In the knowledge that our wedding would have around 600 guests, the need for wedding planners to assist with our Wedding Reception was crucial. Inverse Events were recommended to us by a friend, who described Seeta as a "super-human" and we truly believe that Seeta and Inverse Events are super-humans! They exceeded our expectations.

    Initially, Varun was resistant to having wedding planners. However, he is now a convert! Inverse Events demonstrated professionalism, organisational skills, responsiveness and most importantly great listening skills.

    Wedding planning is a stressful time and we can't thank Inverse Events enough for always being at the end of the phone to listen to us, advise us and make us laugh. They would always offer their insight and provide contacts within the wedding industry. Importantly, they always supported the decisions that we made.

    Inverse Events arranged multiple catch ups with us to go over the timetable, supplier list (Inverse Events coordinated with the suppliers on our behalf) and potential problems that might arise on the day. We felt 100% comfortable that Inverse Events were in control of the running of our Wedding Reception given the amount of up-front planning that they had undertaken. The Wedding Reception went perfectly and Inverse Events played a fundamental part. Thanks you guys!

  • Anjlee & NikeshFirst Dance Choreography, August 2013

    I contacted Seeta at Inverse Events as I was looking for someone to choreograph our first dance for our wedding. I told her which song I wanted and she organised everything for us from there. She had the music edited, so that it was easy to dance to, she asked me what we wanted and delivered an outstanding result. The moves were easy to do, she was fun to be around and had a great sense of humour throughout our lessons. We really looked forward to them and found the lessons to be a brilliant way to switch our minds away from the wedding planning. Everybody tells us that our first dance was amazing! Thank you for everything.

  • Rupal & BaijuCivil Wedding & Wedding Reception, May 2013

    Photo: Ketu Gajjar Photography
    Stylist: Aditi Shah

    Inverse did an excellent job in making sure our wedding day went according to plan, and we can't thank them enough for everything - it was an amazing day!

    They were responsive and helpful at all times in the run up to the wedding, and liaised with suppliers on our behalf, negotiating with them for us which alleviated a lot of stress on our part. Having talked through the itinerary with us beforehand, the team at Inverse had a clear idea of how the day would run and helped to sort out any potential problems at the planning stage. As coordinators on the day, they were more than capable of dealing with unexpected scenarios that came up and handled them with little or no involvement from us. We were able to focus on enjoying ourselves knowing that Inverse had everything under control.

    On top of everything, Inverse also organized the choreography of our first dance, and created a routine that was suitable for our skill levels, which everyone seemed to enjoy. They were patient throughout and really easy to work with, making us feel very comfortable during the whole planning process. We would highly recommend Inverse to any couple looking for a wedding planning service or event coordinator - leave the stresses to them so you can enjoy your day!

  • Charlotte & Akshay Wedding Reception, August 2012

    Photo: Raja Shah, Clearvision Photography

    Inverse Events did a fantastic job in organising our wedding reception and plenty of family and friends are still commenting on how much they enjoyed the evening. They worked hard to acquire the services we needed to ensure that the event ran smoothly. They are easy going, always accessibly and a pleasure to work with. We couldn't have done it without them!

  • Kajal & DiptanWedding Reception, August 2012

    Photo: Raja Shah, Clearvision Photography

    Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in preparation for our wedding reception and on the day itself. It was all your effort that made it such a smooth success and a wonderful evening for everyone!

  • Arti & Hinesh Indian Wedding, Civil Wedding & Reception, June 2012

    Photo: Anil Tohani

    Inverse Events were instrumental in ensuring that our wedding day went as smoothly as it did. Prior to the big day we had a couple of meetings and thereafter, they were always happy to be contacted, be it for questions, advice or reassurance on decisions we were making.

    On the day they liaised with all of the suppliers and made sure that everything ran smoothly. Any issues that arose on the day were taken care of without any problems.

    After the wedding, we received so much positive feedback from our guests telling us that it was the most organised and enjoyable wedding they had ever attended. I think that says it all...